News Updates

Majid Ahmed (Yesterday here)

The Guardian allowed Mr. Ahmed to write about the decision not to allow him a place on its medical course, and there's even a supportive article by Carol Sarler in the Mail here. Interestingly, there were no comments at the time of posting. As I've said before, a conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words where Mail readers are concerned. Simply contrast the amount of bile spewed on trivial cases compared to serious matters. I think it's a case of the readers having difficulty in taking a position - not something the Guardian's CIF trollmeisters have a problem with.

Jeremy Clarkson/ Top Gear - (Yesterday here)

Whilst I may be a minority of one over the 'wop' comment, it seems JC has met the wrath of the BBC -

Top Gear in hot water over G&T on ice

As he like to court contoversy, it's best to ignore the loud-mouthed twat.