Don't Mention The Bore

As someone who visits Germany on a regular basis, I am always troubled by the crass obsession in the UK with WW2 and The Germans. Quite what the average German tourist thinks when travelling here is hard to imagine. Switch on your TV in your hotel and you'll find, alongside old Hollywood Americans-won-the-war films in black and white, a multitude of programmes about Nazis and weapons of WW2 masquerading as entertainment and historical documentary.

Don't get me wrong - I do like UK TV History (and the repeat of the olivier-voiced epic, The World At War is well worth watching) but the channel does have a tendency to concentrate on a 6 year period.

Uber-twat Richard Littlejohn today picks up on a story about an airship being used to convey tourists over London. The Guardian has a more sober reading of the story here.

Littlejohn is such a predictable hate-monger that it irks me to give him space. His journalism is so creaky, even WD40 can't help it. He trots out his tired, 'you couldn't make it up' catchphrase when he discovers that the company providing this service is German - and wait for, it (guffaw) is owned by a man named Fritz. Littlejohn lives in a cocoon he has carefully spun over the years: a world of politically incorrect 70s sit-coms, Gilbert and Sullivan parodies and semen-stained copies of Warlord ( Achtung! Mein Gott!)

The migrant Littlejohn lightens up his sycophantic readers' lives with Booker winning prose:

  • This week's edition of You Couldn't Make It Up comes courtesy of Stella Artois, which is planning to hire a Zeppelin, piloted by a German called Fritz, to take tourists on an aerial trip across London.

He continues - beneath a pitiful cartoon -
  • How about bringing them over on doodlebugs? Don't be surprised if they encounter a little light ack-ack over Wapping.

Stan Boardman must be shitting himself.