Story Of The Blues

In this verbose world in which we live in, I have often said that we can glean far more from what is not said than from what is said. As Dr Winston O'Boogie aka John Lennon stated, 'A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.'

Fresh from my latest trip to Poland, it was interesting to see a good example in today's Daily Mail. No doubt the Mail's readership are too busy celebrating their electoral successes to be bothered with commenting on stories, but two pieces caught my eye.

Firstly, the usual immigration/asylum story. I was in Poland when the story broke over figures showing that many Poles were returning home. Not so long ago the right-wing press turned this into a desertion as opposed to the previous flooding/swamping.

Now, we have a bit of a non-story about some people (according to an Immigration Officer) reportedly giving the weather (so much for global warming huh!) and the NHS as a reason for LEAVING Open-Door UK. I can't be arsed saying more as the article is by our fiend (sic) James Slack and a cursory perusal of his words show that the actual figures of people involved may be counted on one of Littlejohn's hairy-palmed hands.

Suffice to say, there are 70+ comments. Read them. I bet you can't guess what the rational green-inkers of Mail Land say about this one. Click here if you dare.

I'm not one to have sour grapes about results. The blue boys won and the reds have only themselves to blame for own goals etc.

.............which of course leads us to the second story:

'Football success is nothing compared to my father's triumph in surviving horrors of Auschwitz', says Chelsea boss Avram Grant

As with a lot of stories about Nazis and the BNP in the Oswald Mosley-supporting Mail, NO COMMENTS!as

For the first time ever, a BNP candidate stood in my area. He secured over 200 votes. We did not receive any literature from this scum party (oh but it's a legitimate party, Eric) but still people voted for this evil group. We can blame scaremongering, the press, (or having a printing business if you are Cooke of Tamworth) but have no doubts that these Fascists would go down the same path that led to Avram Grant's father being subjected to the torture of Auschwitz.

So I say congrats to Chelsea and hope the Tories enjoy their success; but the reds will be back.


Cllr Chris said...


"We can blame scaremongering, the press, (or having a printing business if you are Cooke of Tamworth) but have no doubts that these Fascists ............"

Oh, I say Eric!! That's a little strong isn't it?

Does that mean I'm a fascist for the little printing jobs I did this election? For UKIP and Labour Party members? Oh ... and a couple of Independents too? Didn't do anything for the BNP this year - would have - but didn't - nobody asked me! Even the Tories approached me for a quote! I'm very fair you know!

You know - if you want to somehow elevate me to the top of your "They're All Demons and Fascists" list don't you think you ought to find out more about me? Criminal Record Check perhaps?(I'll supply the signatures and "proofs" you need if you fill in those useless bureacrat's forms and pay their seven pieces of silver etc.).

I really am such an innocuous person! It feels weird to be the object of some complete stranger's hatred like this.

Or is it that it makes you feel good when somebody posts a comment on your blog??? Must be very lonely sometimes? You know - talking to yourself? Guess I'm just feeding your fetish here! Still if it makes you feel better than that's my good deed for the day! :-) :-)

BTW - I couldn't help but notice my last comment on the "Hedgehog" blog hasn't materialised? Any particular reason?

Kind regards


eric the fish said...

I apologise for not getting back to your previous posts. I was stuck in Poland and vodka and unforseen hospitalisation of a comrade made it difficult to comment. 5cc has answered admirably in absence.

You are entitled to print for whoever you like.

You have not answered the real question: do you support the BNP?

Delivering a few leaflets smacks of more than being naive.

I don't give a toss whether people post here (I'm that arrogant) but I am glad when people take part in democracy (whether by voting or standing).
Chris, many of my friends/collegues/over-promoted twats are of a different political persuasuion; thankfully, not one of them would even hold a BNP leaflet in their hand.

Please look at my site and in particular, the photos from Auschwitz and tell me how you deny this. Do not hide behind figures.

I don't seek to elevate you; your own website has not been updated for months. Surely, your constituents deserve your prose more than us battered lefties!

You have your chance here now......for tonight Christopher Cooke of Tamworth,opportunity knocks.........

Distance yourself from the BNP and answer the questions put to you by 5CC.

Cllr Chris said...

Eric said -

"You have not answered the real question: do you support the BNP?"

Good grief!! How many more times?

I've said it consistantly and openly. I WILL vote BNP (but not for any old candidate [eg - Mark Collett?] you understand - I'm too long in the tooth for that game!!). I absolutely SUPPORT their policies to get out of the EU and end mass immigration. I simply DON'T BELIEVE or give credibility to the vast majority of smears against the BNP. That's after investigating them for myself and not taking the "accepted" anti-fascist word. I would even vote BNP if I did not support a single policy of theirs - so shocked am I at all the hatred and bile they have had flung at them by the three main parties and (or "who are the same as" perhaps?) the "anti-fascists".

So? Do I support the BNP Eric? If you haven't worked it out by now then I admit defeat!

BTW my website may be out of date (and even unavailable right now as the idiots have gone on holiday and refused to recognise that I have paid my yearly fees!!) but it still says far, far more about me than you'd ever find out about the vast majority of "normal" councillors. I hide nothing. Don't knock it!

BTW2 - Why are you saying I deny the Holocaust? Those pictures are real enough - has anybody said they aren't? I don't deny them. Do you think I am some sort of Hitler worshipper? The only dead men I might worship are Jesus and Elvis (and from what I hear they are both alive!). I think Eric , what you anti-fascists do is impute things which bear no relation to truth, nor indeed the policies, of people whose politics you can't stand. That way you can justify your dislike of them in terms of how "evil" they are - rather than discuss the pros and cons of the policies. (ie - "everyone who is against EU also eats babies for breakfast" Now Mr Cooke - deny that you eat babies for breakfast!" "Well" - replies Cllr Cooke - "I did have egg on toast this morning". "Ah - so you admit you do eat babies for breakfast then!" [C.C]"No, I only said I had egg for breakfast" [E]"Stop squirming and answer the question" [C.C.] "Sorry - didn't realise I was squirming - I don't eat babies for beakfast - is that clear?" [E] "You don't sound very certain here - I think I detect some abiguity - now why do you eat babies for breakfast - you know Nick Griffin eats babies for breakfast all the time don't you?)

Yes Eric - I'm afraid it does seem to be getting as silly as that.

Let's discuss policies shall we?


Cllr Chris said...

By The Way -

One more thing. I DID answer 5cc. Why haven't you put it up yet?


eric the fish said...

There seems to have been a problem with the wonderful web. My comment, one from 5CC and of course your own did not get published. Unlike your paper of choice I do not censor (censure maybe) unless the comment was offensive etc. I have turned off moderation now so hope this helps.

I'm trying to learn how to post via the new super-duper mobile phone but no luck yet. (It's a SE W890i if anybody knows how)

Back to work for now but I'll answer you soon, Cllr.

BTW, apparently the Fascists of Franco were responsible for Sir Cliff of India not winning Eurovision in 1968!)Perhaps a similar plot prevented local caterwaulers Jemini from lifting the crown.

Finally, why not put your site on a free hoster, or I'll let you continue your Trotskyist entryism on this site for a small fee! There you go Chris, smeared as a Commie now!

You're still hiding behind the suited rather than jackbooted version of the BNP. Read the Stormfront site if you have not already and you'll see who you are getting into bed with.