Maybe I'm Amazed (Or Not)

With just over 2 weeks to go until Macca returns to Liverpool, my email box winced at the metaphorical kick it received today: The Mail On Sunday is to give away his last CD in the paper. Now, I've already bought the item so I've less of a dilemma than others. Should you bite the bullet, buy a copy of Asian Babes and hide your dirty, perverted purchase within, or maybe just hand your local newsagent (because people who buy papers from supermarkets are Satan's spawn) and buy a box of Swan Vestas to deal with your malignant waste of tree forest.

It's a bit like seeing Tony Benn's diaries serialised in the Mail stable; it just feels like a betrayal.
So, Paul, if you sense a deep scowl from the Centenary Stand on June 1st, you know why. Perhaps it's because the paper was more sympathetic to you than Heather.

We're still waiting for said tickets. It appears they will be sent out in the next week, with overseas purchasers having to collect in person. Hmm, given past problems with the Royal Mail, maybe getting them from the 08 centre isn't a bad idea.

Just seen the usual treat-the-public-like-shit-and-sell-them-overpriced-crap stipulations on the 08 site. No alcohol (but we'll flog it to you for the price of a small house prior to the credit crunch), water (so dehydrate at your own risk/cost), no cameras (good luck with that one chaps). Apparently, the ban on taking ones own drink in is not connected to the threat of using Oasis bottles to cause a smallish terrorist explosion even if you have the scientific knowledge and resources (as Obsolete completely dismantles here.)