All Front, No Back

I suppose you finally know you've hit a nerve when the White Supremacist and BNP loved site Stormfront starts linking to you. I posted about the EDL and its campaign to stop an application for a building to be used as a mosque in Weston-Super-Mare.

The application was actually turned down for what appear to be legitimate planning concerns. What is interesting is that the Weston Mercury reports that 97% of the objections had to be discarded due to them having an apparent racist element. Now, who would have thought that? When the EDL - which claims to be anti-extremism rather than anti-Islam - openly stoked the flames and asked followers (most of whom who had no connection with the town) to protest against this proposal, they knew full well what people would say.

The Weston Mercury reports, "North Somerset Council this week revealed it had to discard 97 per cent of 157 letters of objection to a proposed Muslim Centre in Orchard Street because of their racist nature.

It's indicative of the nature of the beast that one of the lobotomised souls frequenting Dante's new division has the charming quote "Give a negro a fish, and he will eat for a day.
Give a negro a fishing rod, and he will snap it and use it for firewood."

The Stormfront bod who linked to me is also a man of intellect and incredibly, seems to have attracted a mate:

  • Me and my gf spent the afternoon at Southend today - half the population of africa was there and that is no exageration. Seems like they prefer Southend to Notting Hill now.
The EDL still wishes us to believe it is non-racist and speaks for the nation. The EDL seeks to distance itself from the BNP and other far-right thugs. This will not wash. There are clear links as a cursory search of Facebook groupings will prove. Even regular blog reader and ego-Googler Liam Pinkham turns up at these protests. (There, Liam another mention to tell your skin mates about).

Let me make this clear to the EDL and BNP: you do not speak for me. Both organisations are racist. Fact.


Brenda said...

Just off topic, but I just heard a mention of the Liverpool hotel Islamophobia case involving Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, and I noticed the hardline Christian fundamentalist group the Christian Institute driving around Liverpool in the BNP's lie lorry on the Six O Clock News.


eric the fish said...

That wouldn't surprise me. Littlejohn also championed their 'free speech'. Without pre-empting the result, it does seem interesting that the C.I. cites Littlejohn on its site.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool Christian hoteliers cleared of Muslim guest insults Its for the best if all the christians and muslims fuck off to the stolen land to the arse holes who started this religious crap and that goes for you ratman.

Long Live Saddam and the Seagulls.

Sal said...

Dowson appears quite a lot on the lancaster unity blog, as isn't Nick Griffin's daughter working for him in Belfast, if I'm not mistaken?