BNP Christmas Message

There's been a bit of a hiatus recently on this space but hopefully this will change in the New Year. I've had a few technological problems but they now seem solved.

I also aim to move host next year and I've a few ideas about what the blog should be.

No football today as our match at Oldham has been postponed. I'll have to settle for watching one of the lesser known Mersey teams. Liverpool or Everton?

The blog does sometimes get bogged down with the moronic happenings in the BNP and other far right nutjobs but I think that it is important to document them; their level of support may not deserve this but I don't think they should be ignored.

The BNP still maintains it is not a nasty bunch of Neanderthals and racist thugs. Their online outpourings throw cold water over this.

Even their 'intellectual' deputy leader, eyebrow gardener Simon Darby shows his true colours with his Christmas Message:

"As you can see my early morning shopping expedition to M&S, in order to obtain all my Christmas food and drink, was a total success. Even the sight of an asylum beggar/Big Issue sales person scrounging outside the store at 7am didn't distract me from my mission."

For readers not familiar with the Big Issue concept here are a few facts which bigoted Darby seeks to ignore:

1. It is a charitable foundation with support across the political spectrum.

2. Sellers buy copies of the magazine for 75p and sell it for £1.50. Therefore, they are just as legitimate as a newsagent.

3. Sellers do not have to be homeless at the time they are selling the mag. They will have encountered problems with housing and homelessness but could be in the transition from living on the streets to obtaining accommodation.

4. The magazine is professionally produced with exclusive content. By way of example Paul McCartney is featured in the latest issue.

5. Sellers are vetted by the organization and can have selling privileges withdrawn. They will have badges accreditation. Just remember that when a BNP-ite rattles a tin when collecting on behalf of 'our boys'.

The fact that Darby lumps Asylum Seekers (who cannot earn money under Home Office rules) with Big Issue Sellers shows why this party will never change.

The use of the word 'scrounger' is symptomatic of what the BNP think about underprivileged people. For all they talk about supporting soldiers and veterans this is clearly just a way of jumping on a bandwagon.

Research shows that many ex-forces personnel encounter problems back on civvy street and can end up on the street.

Same old Fascists.