The man ain't got no culture

It was another Simon who wrote the words in the title of this post (in A Simple Desultory Phillipic on the Sound of Silence album), but the photo above comes courtesy of the blog of leading hatemonger, the British National Party's Deputy Leader, Simon Darby.

Following the tea-and-scones picnic his members had last weekend in Derbyshire, he kindly posted some more jolly photos on his site; comments are moderated but not so moderate so I couldn't make a point there.

Let me tell you, Simon and the morons of Liverpool BNP, that Liverpool's Capital of Culture celebrations have, after a shaky start, turned out well. The picture shows the depths which these purveyors of hate will go to.

This is not the first time the Liverpool 08 logo has been bastardised by these fear-mongers.

The Liverpool Echo reported in July of this year that Peter Quiggins or Peter Tierney as he is known, a local shopping emporium owner, had been sent a Solicitors' letter over his use of it in his battle with developers - a fight that evoked quite a bit of sympathy and support at the time - and forced to desist.
  • THE former owner of Liverpool’s Quiggins centre has been warned by the city’s Culture Company about using the 08 logo to promote the British National Party.
    Hill Dickinson, the Culture Company’s solicitors, have written to now-BNP party member Peter Tierney threatening legal action over the use a version of the Liverpool 08 logo on an advertising hoarding which he tows behind a vehicle.

The article continues with Quiggins defending his action:

  • He said: “I put the logo on my trailer and it says that the city has been sold off.
    “It’s not the Capital of Culture, it’s the Capital of Vultures.
    “I’ve even drawn the logo myself – when you look at it, you can tell I’ve drawn it.”
It couldn't be the same one could it? I'll try to find out more information. Tierney/Quiggins was giving out BNP literature about culture the day before the McCartney concert; a fine ambassador for the city as thousands of tourists converged.

As those who have visited here as a result of following my profile on the Telegraph blog site will know, I've been having a bit of a laugh on Greater London Authority member Richard Barnbrook's pitiful blog. The Guardian initially expressed some concern over The Telegraph giving a platform to this brown-jacketed individual, but I think it serves a useful purpose in exposing Barnbrook for the coward he is. He refuses to answer pertinent questions and therefore has become a figure of fun.

Joking aside, the BNP are dangerous despite their low level of support. As the seat on the GLA shows, when other forms of electoral systems are used - as seen in other parts of Europe - minor parties can end up with disproportionate representation.

(I'm aware of the irony of complaining about infringement of rights and then appropriating Darby's photo.)