Darby in Derbys.

Repugnant BNP hatemeister Simon Darby, on his blog, alluded to a story breaking in the Sunday papers involving England footballers and the BNP. It appears that this, in The Sunday People, was the piece in question:

Sport and pop legends are fuming after their images were used in a music video promoting the British National Party.
National icons including Sir Paul McCartney, soccer star John Terry and cricketer Freddie Flintoff were hijacked to appear alongside hate lyrics on internet site YouTube.

The anti-immigration track This Is England includes offensive lines like: "They took our Pound, now they want to bomb our Underground" and has had more than 12,000 views.
Obviously, the people concerned: Terry, Flintoff, Butcher, Pearce and Macca (Churchill could not be contacted for a comment but Max Clifford allegedly said that if he was representing him he would issue a joint press statement with Kerry Katona).
Darby, in Derbys, is quoted as responding, "It is not an official BNP video. It has probably been released by a BNP supporter. People have the power to produce anything on websites these days.

"If it portrays Britishness, then I'm not going to complain about it. I would not be happy with using famous people who perhaps don't have the same opinion as we do. But there is nothing we can do about it. (This is crap as seen here: a commissioned portrait of Winston to raise money for BNP funds. There is also one of John Lennon about to be auctioned this month)
"I don't know what their political views are. If they are not of our opinion, then I
Not quite a not-me-Guv defence as he is clearly secretly pleased about the content and the press publicity. This is an aspect of the fight against these Neanderthal Fascists that has concerned me for some time: the oxygen of publicity v free debate. As I've been trolling Richard Barnbrook's Telegraph blog recently, I keep wondering if it's counter-productive. I feel another post germinating and as cycle-partner Steve has jetted out to his Channel Island tax-haven today (have a word about investment with Tranmere's Chairman while you are there), I've nothing else to do.
I'm a bit worried about attacking Simon Darby as he likes to stick hooks in the mouths of fish and baiting the BNP is sometimes like shooting fish in a barrel, but his blog is informative and reasoned!
  • On Freedom of the press
Just had the Guardian on trying to get a quote about one or two of the speakers we have lined up for you. It almost takes your breath away that these journalists who have facilitated in the systematic destruction of our people and our way of life actually think that criticising a process which is tantamount to genocide is somehow to be forbidden.
The Guardian wanted to ask about Petra Edelmannova of the far-right Czech National Party, party recently announced it was working on a 150-page "study" called The Final Solution to the Gypsy Issue in the Czech Lands. Now this is not quite the same as the Nazi Final Solution but the name is surely chosen for a reason. The article continues, "Although the title evokes the Nazi plan to eradicate Jews in wartime Germany, the party told Lidove Noviny, a national Czech newspaper, its aim is only to offer Roma voluntary relocation to land bought in India. This has undertones of the situation in Italy.
Of course, the BNP itself would like to repatriate - supposedly voluntarily - and believes that asylum can be summed up thus: We will also clamp down on the flood of ‘asylum seekers’, all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries.

The Chinese people I have known in my life have been by and large honourable and law-abiding folk. Not that that is any excuse to flood my country with their compatriots, there being a limit to the amount of Chinese food outlets and shellfish harvesting opportunities Britain can provide.

Yes, know your place.......we don't mind you doing laundry or running take-aways as long as we can imitate the Spanish Olympic basketball team and the Duke of Edinburgh in keeping the slitty-eyed motif running.

Jean-Marie Le Pen confronts Sarkozy - Strasbourg (July, 10. 2008)I've been lucky enough to meet him twice, they can call him what they like but one word they never use is "coward".

If we want further evidence of where the BNP stand, look at Derby's photos of BNP advert vans (truth trucks!!) talking of justice for indigenous victims of violence and English victims of racist violence. What colour do you think these victims will be? Answers on a Kennkarte to BNP, PO Box 107, Wigton, Cumbria.