The Mail and the BNP: If A Picture Paints

The Mail spends a great deal of time distancing itself from the 'knuckle-scrapers' of the BNP as Littlejohn describes them as, yet often we see stories in the paper which are clearly aimed at providing succour to these Neanderthals whilst washing journalistic hands.
The comments section is usually the dead giveaway. Many of my previous posts have shown examples of this; so much more can be found on the Mailwatch forum.
One of the recurring themes of Mail immigration stories - aside from the headline not fitting the content of the story- is the powerful image. Story about possible Roma thieves? Get actors to dress up as tramps; need a picture of asylum seekers? Show stock photo outside an office that looks like it gives out benefits; immigration? Show a picture of someone dressed in full Muslim niqab.
This leads us to the picture at the top. On numerous occasions it has been used by the Mail to decorate their immigration and Muslim stories. Despite the fact that only a small percentage of Muslim women choose to wear this, the paper is not so subtle in its use of the image.
The same image was found on the BNP's site on 14th August. It is not for nothing that, despite the caveats, The Mail remains the paper of choice for the evil bigots of the BNP.