The Fish Returns

Decided to take a break from spouting crap, which turned into a prolonged absence due to holidays and work commitments (as if anyone noticed!)

So, hopefully I'll be updating regularly again: polluting the cybersphere with rant and more rant.

In lieu of anything substantial, I'd like to mention the brave attempt by Ricky Hatton to defeat the clearly better Floyd Mayweather. I watched this last night and amazingly managed to keep awake even though it did not start until around 5am. I did manage a few hours sleep. Given that I had little sleep in Poland last week, my body clock is shot to pieces. He\was clearly outclassed, but amid all the bravado to sell the show, he remains a down-to-earth guy. He is of course noted for going down his local pub without a big entourage. For this reason I am torn betwen voting for him, Joe Calzaghe or Lewis Hamilton for tonight's BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Given last year's winner was Princess Anne's daughter Zara, things can only get better. At least they have a personality.

Lewis has upset me by joining the Mansells, Coulthards and Buttons by seeking tax exile as soon as they make a few pounds. To state - as he did at first - that he was seeking solitude is utter crap. Still, he was great to watch and has rejuvenated F1. He had the opportunity to win but blew it.

A good victory for Tranmere at the weekend. We needed that after slipping alarmingly down the table.

I shall be chronicling my trip to Poland soon. In the meantime I'll upload some photos. the quality is not so good due to problems with the camera battery and the weather (insert, 'bad workman blames his own tools' jibe here)