Daily Mail and Nazism: Between The Lines

The Mail's dalliance with Nazism is well documented. I watched the film, The Remains of the Day recently and this reminded me of this. I make no apologies for referring to this fact as it is as important today as it was then.

I am concerned about the latest Nazi story in the Mail about a Paul Hafner. The veracity of the story is not the point here. At the time of posting NO comments had been made about the story. I sent one contrasting the fact that there had been many comments about Irving's visit to Oxford as the (I'm not racist but) hordes defended so-called free speech. Sometimes, a conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words as the late Dr Winston O' Boogie said.

My Auschwitz photos will appear soon but I am not prepared to put them up until a fitting explanation has been written. There are better photos out there; more poignant images and above all authorized. indoor photos (with a few exceptions) are not permitted and out of respect I bowed to this request. I am currently reading the BBC publication, 'Auschwitz' by Laurence Rees and I would recommend to this everyone.