Cliff Hanging

I was a bit worried about attracting attention from the paramilitary wing of the Cliff Richard Fan Club (Knitting Needle Section) with this post, but here goes.

The destitute man's Elvis, Sir Harold Webb, immigrant and scholar has been giving a sermon. In his interview with Q Magazine, he claims to be the ultimate pop star and that the fabs, particularly the late George Harrison (nice Christian values there: kicking the dead) were often out of tune. He cannot recall the actual song but He has spoken and as you can see from the picture above, In the Beginning........

If one cares to read the late Ian McDonald's excellent academic tome, Revolution In The Head (and I think it is a worthwhile read even though it sometimes delves into pedantry) there are references to the glitches and mistakes contained in Beatles studio recordings. This makes it all the more fascinating to hear the songs through headphones and decent hi-fi equipment.

Yes, the lads were human - not a deity like Cliff; to listen to bootlegs and the Anthology out-takes is to be there in the studio at Abbey Road.

I must confess, I do have a Cliff recording - it was sneaked into a Van Morrison CD I bought. Enjoy my royalty payment, Cliff - Xmas is almost 11 months off.
Update: Perusing Tory MP wannabee, Iain Dale's Diary, I noticed that I have a Low Musical Compatibility with him on and that his top artist is Cliff Richard! The Prosecution case rests.